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"Experience the enormous power of small"


The NanoBioSensorTM (NBS) is a (nearly) universal biomarker detection platform. Real-time, continuous flow, label-free detection and measurement of your biomarker in minutes with high sensitivity and specificity.

Detection and quantification up to 5 logs concentration range of proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, microRNAs) even single viral particles!

Just functionalize with your capture molecules and our kit. Capture molecules include aptamers, mABs, nanobodies and complementary DNA/RNA.


Dynamic continuous flow or static snapshot, the Vista nanocard gives an accurate, specific answer in seconds. Demonstrated media include dilute whole blood, dilute urine, cellular growth media, and buffer. LOD often in the 10s of femtogram/mL or lower. Indeed, we detect single viral particles!

What really sets Vista's NBS apart is our real-time continuous flow capability. Imagine monitoring dynamic changes as they unfold. Our ultimate goal: an NBS bedside monitor with IV connection monitoring patients for onset of sepsis, cardiac condition, etc. We welcome partners to make this vision a reality!

Vista DipChipTM

A convenient alternative to Vista's nanocard is our DipChip. As the name implies, just dip into your media for either a spot test of your biomarker concentration or leave in place to monitor over time.

The image at left shows two DipChips monitoring cellular growth media in a 6-well plate. (cell culture not shown for clarity) This customer monitors for expressed stress proteins once per second over a 48 hour interval. DipChips work in dilute whole blood, dilute urine, buffer and more.

Ultimate LOD: Single Virion

In what can best be described as the ultimate limit of detection, Vista's NBSTM can detect single viral particles in real-time. Label free of course.

At left, Vista co-founder Charles Lieber shows detection of a single influenza A virus with the technology at the heart of the NanoBioSensorTM. Top optically tracks fluorescently labeled virion's nanowire contact. Bottom depicts the electrical response.

Vista's NanoBioSensorTM makes such measurements routine.

Powerful software

Vista's NanoBioSensorTM comes with powerful analytic software for graphing your data in real-time. Intuitive generation of standard curves to normalize nanowire conductance data to concentration. Annotate notable events as they occur or in post-analysis.

Accessible with only a few mouse clicks, Vista's NBSTM software gives valuable kinetic information about your capture molecule such as kON, kOFF and kD.

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